Sterling Services Enterprise Inc (SSE) primary business focus is Guard / Patrol Services, Security Officer Certification and Firearms Training.  We are dedicated to delivering cost effective, quality services and solutions to our customers.  We offer expertise that our clients need, to ensure people, property and information have the adequate protection.  This can be accomplished by providing trained security personnel, security related training as well as consultation.  Our services go far beyond the offerings of the traditional security consultant.  We call the concept the "Total comprehensive package."

Sterling Services Enterprise Inc offers our clients the comfort and assurance they need to be able to focus on their business.This can be accomplished by providing our clients with highly qualified security officers to accomplish the mission. Most of our officers are retired police officers, veterans and conform to our grooming standards.  Our officers are well equipped with adequate and up to date training and evaluation.

Our services go far beyond the offerings of the traditional security services. We call this concept the total comprehensive package. To our clients, this means we provide a total hands on experience package which includes Risk and Vulnerability assessment, security systems planning and design, project management and training and evaluation.

A comprehensive analysis of our services, includes but is not limited to the following:

Risk and Vulnerability Assessment-We provide a comprehensive, customized evaluation of a security situation with the goal of identifying deficiencies, limiting losses, and minimizing interruptions to business. We will check the properties' vulnerability with our penetration audit to find areas of weakness in building security that could lead to loss. We will interview key employees and members of the management team to identify possible issues and concerns. Finally, we will identify the areas and issues that may lead to loss, lawsuits, and recommend appropriate solutions.

Sterling Services  is not your average small business! Our Executive Management has close to twenty (20) years of thought leadership and management experience which makes it very unique as a small firm. Very few organizations can match Sterling Services leadership and experience level. In addition to guard force operations, Sterling Services has a significant amount of experience within other security disciplines such as computer, personnel, and physical security operations. This comprehensive security knowledge base serves as added value to all of our clients.